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Creating unique opportunities to facilitate and provide revenue to our University of Wisconsin-Green Bay student-athletes.


We are proud to announce the creation of the Fly With The Phoenix Collective Group, a name, image and likeness (“NIL”) program to promote the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay student-athletes. This program will allow UW-Green Bay supporters, fans and alumni to donate to a collective fund used to create and connect NIL deals for UW-Green Bay student-athletes.

The NIL opportunities offered will focus on helping UW-Green Bay student-athletes take advantage of the NCAA new legislation allowing collegiate athletes to profit from their name, image and likeness. This program will serve as a matchmaker for players who want to get involved in NIL deals.


FLY WITH THE PHOENIX Collective was created by a group of fans, alumni, and business leaders dedicated and passionate about the success of the UW-Green Bay student-athletic programs. We are focused our mission and are committed to making this organization a success.


College athletes have never been allowed to profit off of their name, image, or likeness. But recent court rulings and modifications of state law have changed the game. Athletes can now partner with businesses and organizations to make money from their NIL.



  • What is NIL?
    As of July 2021, the National Colligate Athletic Association (NCAA) has given permission to student-athletes to earn compensation for their name, image or likeness, also known as "NIL".
  • How is Fly With The Phoenix Collective funded?
    Fly With The Phoenix NIL is made possible by our passionate supporters. Your donations are invested in our athletes who are making a meaningful impact on athletic programs, campus, and our community.
  • What sports are included in Fly With The Phoenix Collective?
    We are evaluating which sports to focus on. As the NIL landscape evolves over time, Fly With The Phoenix Collective will evaluate opportunities as well.
  • Is Fly With The Phoenix Collective affiliated with The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay?
    No, we do not share any affiliation with UW-Green Bay.
  • Where do I sign up to be a part of Fly With The Phoenix Collective?
    Supporters who are ready to give can donate by check or online here. There is no donation minimum or maximum. If you are interesting in becoming a member, see membership levels here. If you aren’t quite ready to donate and have questions, please contact
  • Are my donations eligible for tax deductions?
    Fly With The Phoenix Collective is a Wisconsin Non-stock corporation, and has applied with the Internal Revenue Service to be treated as a tax-exempt organization under sec. 501©(3). That application is pending. Consult with your tax advisor to determine if your donation(s) is/are considered tax-deductible.
  • What are the membership levels?
    Fly With The Phoenix Collective offers 4 different membership levels ranging from $250 to $2,000. Each level comes with incentives. To learn more about the different membership levels, visit the Become A Member page.
  • What is the mentorship program?
    The Fly With The Phoenix Mentorship program allows for student-athletes to learn from alumni athletes and business professionals at the top of their fields across many career disciplines. As a student-athlete mentor you are able to provide meaningful insights for every stage of the college experience and beyond, creating an environment that helps them build a professional network beyond their college experience.


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UW-Green Bay has given me and many other student-athletes not only a terrific education, but it has also opened up doors and provided a platform for success in college and beyond. I'm excited to lead Fly with the Phoenix in helping current student-athletes handle the expense of college life while creating connections with supporters and building relationships with alumni who can mentor them using their own experiences. I am fortunate to have been a Phoenix athlete and grateful for the opportunities UW- Green Bay provided, and now is my chance to give back in a meaningful way."


Men's Basketball 1992-1996

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The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has afforded me and many other student-athletes a phenomenal education as well as a platform to establish our own personal brands. With this platform comes lots of responsibility of how to stay financially sound and build relationships with alumni such as myself, so we can provide the knowledge learned to current and future Phoenix athletes. Green Bay has blessed me in so many ways, so I am very excited to be able to give back in a meaningful way!"


Women's Basketball 2014-2019

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Coming from Chicago, I would have never imagined how much of a profound influence the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay would have on my life. As a student-athlete, the university provided me with the a sound education which would be the foundation for me becoming a physician. The relationships that I developed guided me back to not only serve the Green Bay community but the university as well. It would be an honor for me to support Green Bay's NIL collective and help provide a stable financial future for student-athletes."


Men's Soccer 1984-1987


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